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Our Story

COCOREDOUX, founded by Cristina Enriquez-Bocobo – an accomplished designer, philanthropist, and esteemed consultant in the art and non-profit sectors – stands as the premier artcycled™ object brand. The concept of COCOREDOUX was born from a desire to combine the principles of sustainability and recycling with the transformative potential of art in fostering significant societal change. To further demonstrate its commitment to social impact, the brand donates a percentage of its proceeds to various children's charities.

Each distinctive object in COCOREDOUX's collection showcases an original artwork that draws its inspiration from the individual customer. These artworks are meticulously designed and skillfully handcrafted by a dedicated team of working artists, who breathe new life into these objects by imbuing them with fresh messages and meanings. Consequently, the rejuvenated objects are reintroduced into the world, becoming functional and aesthetic testaments to the power of art and sustainability.

Customers have the option to either contribute their own objects to be transformed by COCOREDOUX's design team or allow the design team to discover and procure suitable objects on their behalf. This flexibility enables a wide range of clientele to engage with and benefit from COCOREDOUX's mission to merge sustainability and artistic expression. By repurposing objects with purposeful art, COCOREDOUX not only addresses environmental concerns but also fosters a deeper appreciation for the role of art in creating a better, more compassionate world.


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