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Artcycling with CocoRedoux at Zero Bond

A Personalized Fashion Experience featuring Konstance Patton

Konstance Patton is an Indigenous American Art Director, Muralist, Designer, Storyteller and Healer based in New York City.  She is an enrolled member of The Little River Band of Ottawa Indians in Michigan.  For over twenty years Konstance has been creating the Goddezz Projekt. The project reflects on themes of ritual and adornment, grounding the ancient into the present.  Her Goddezzes went from notebook and napkin doodles while solo traveling the world, to sculptures, to monumental murals.

In the summer of 2020, Konstance co-founded the Artist Collective, Soho Renaissance Factory (SRF), when all of the storefronts in downtown Manhattan were boarded up with plywood, following riots after the murder of George Floyd. 

Her latest iteration of the Goddezz Projekt brings her back to Zero Bond, in collaboration with COCOREDOUX, an Artcycled object brand, company and collective focused on the re-use and personalization of objects–including vintage bags, accessories and apparel to create meaningful social impact. We give new life to underused bags, accessories and apparel to support underserved children.

During the activation, a showcase of works by her artist collective SRF will also be displayed digitally featuring works from her collective, the space will be activated daily with live painting and a digital art showcase.  Zero Bond’s beautiful cafe will house this pop-up atelier from the last week of April until May 13th.

Project Gallery

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